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Service                                 |   Standard Fee     |      Estimated Turn-around Time                                                           
Developmental Editing    ¢1.5/word*                   80 pages per day                             Review your manuscript and help make it good
Line Editing                         ¢2/word                       50 pages per day                              Review and fix style and usage issues
Copy Editing**                   ¢2-4/word                    40-60 pages per day                       Review and fix mechanical errors & typos
Writing                                  $35/hour                      8-30 pages per day                         Write stuff. Fiction, technical, website, etc. 
*Note that if I quote a project by the page, I mean 250 words. The reason is so I don't end up charging you for blank pages, and I don't have smarty-pantses trying to put everything in single-spaced 4pt font to save money.
**I often avoid straight copy editing work, because it makes my eyeballs bleed. I'll do it sometimes, but I recommend that if you're looking for a good copy editor, just go right to Effie Rose, who delights in mercilessly rooting out all your typos.
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