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Editing Philosophy

I see editing as a learning process, for both myself and my clients. Every manuscript I've ever reviewed has taught me something about being a better editor and a better writer. While editing is always my first focus, I feel that it is extremely important to reflect my own learning back to the client. I try to not only rectify problems, but help the writer understand how to keep from making the same mistakes in the future. Ultimately, I am as committed to improving the writer as I am the manuscript. I am always happy to take on new writers who are as interested in advancing their skills as in polishing up a particular story.
I strongly believe that an editor is best served with honestly and understanding. Flattery may impress a client at first, but in the long run it results in nothing but stalled advancement and unrealistic expectations. I am thorough, responsive and flexible in my work and my turn-around times.
In short, I want to make you the best writer you can be, and make your manuscript into the best possible version of itself.  If that kind of thing sounds interesting, please drop me a line.
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